Finding Lawn Care Solutions In Bethlehem, PA

It may seem that Bethlehem, PA gardens is the perfect location for those that want a beautiful lawn, warm weather, and amazing landscaping. While this is the case for most of the year, there are also times when home and property owners may find they are in need of lawn care service in Bethlehem, PA.

Finding the right service and professional assistance to provide lawn care solutions to address the problems you are experiencing is not always easy. Many landscaping and lawn care companies provide the basic services, but they do not have entomologists, certified technicians, or trained professionals to provide you with answers to your specific lawn issues.

The Basic Package

Most companies offering lawn care offer a basic set of packages that can be more or less comprehensive in what they offer. They may include semi-annual fertilizing, weekly or bi-monthly mowing, fall and spring yard maintenance services and/or, depending on the company, routine insect treatment.

This is not an effective option if there are already problems with the lawn. If you are lucky, the standard treatment the company would offer may correct the issue, but it is very likely you will spend money only to see little to no improvement.

Look for Customized Solutions

The ideal lawn care solutions for issues with any lawn in the Bethlehem, PA Gardens area and beyond is for the lawn care service to start with an assessment or evaluation of the lawn. This will provide information on the correct water levels based on the type of grass and the seasonal changes, and the presence of weeds or insects that may be impacting the lawns growth or appearance.

By doing this step first, the company can develop a customized approach to correcting existing problems. They can also develop a custom proactive lawn care plan for your home to ensure your lawn stays healthy and luxurious all year round. Visit us for more information about our lawn care services.

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