Fight Back With Help From An Employee Rights Attorney

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Attorney

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Federal law dictates that every employee has certain rights when they accept employment. Some states work differently than others, but Federal laws supersede any other regulations or laws. When these rights are denied, an employee must take action. The first step in taking action against an employer is understanding these rights.

Discrimination is a violation of Federal laws. Everyone deserves a workplace free of discrimination against race, religion, sex, age, or any other background. Discrimination can lead to reduced wages, lower pay rates, or even termination without appropriate cause.

Safe working conditions are another requirement of Federal law. All employers need to made aware of reasonable risks they face during work hours. Certain requirements will need to be met in order to reduce or remove certain risks. Safety compliance is a serious issue and should never be ignored by employees.

Retaliation is a violation of employee rights. When an employee files a claim or complaint against their employer they shouldn’t have to worry about retaliation. This is sometimes referred to as whistle blower rights.

Fair wages are one of the most basic requirements of Federal law. A minimum wage must be paid to each employee for the full amount of hours they work. If an employee finds that they aren’t being paid a fair wage they need to file a complaint or take action with the help of an Employee Rights Attorney.

Everyone has these rights and employers must see to full compliance or face consequences that could range from large fines to losing their business license permanently. With the help of an Employee Rights Attorney, violations of Federal laws can be answered with legal action. Anyone who has questions about their rights or how they can be enforced should visit or schedule a consultation. Letting any violation slip means that employers feel that they don’t have to comply with Federal, that they are above the law. Action needs to be taken right away. There is a limited window of opportunity and victims of employee rights violations will need to work quickly to prove their case and be compensated for their loss.

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