Fall Protection Equipment – The SALA Fall Protection System

Workers on construction and industrial sites who perform tasks at elevated heights often need to use quality fall protection equipment. This safety equipment is utilized in a variety of different situations for the protection of workers. In particular, SALA fall protection products can help workers carry out their tasks in a safe manner. The various applications and industries that require the use of this type of equipment include oil rigging, warehousing, and construction. A number of features are included in these fall protection systems, as outlined below.

The various elements of these systems allow workers to raise and lower their positions efficiently and safely. They are also used to facilitate the rescue of individuals in dangerous positions and conditions.

Effective Fall Protection Equipment
SALA fall protection systems consist of a fall protection harness and other safety features. Some of these features include:

 * Supportive body wear – these are devices placed over the body which distribute the load evenly in a manner that is comfortable and safe for the worker
 * Anchor points – these points are connected to a fall arrest system. Examples include cable chokers and roof anchors.
 * Rescue devices for descents – these devices help the rescuing individual reach a person who has fallen as quickly as possible
 * Connectors – these connectors link the anchor point to the harness and help take the shock of a fall from the individual who has fallen

No matter the elevation, SALA fall protection or similar types of devices are required by workers performing dangerous tasks above hazardous equipment.

Safety is Crucial
Fall protection equipment is designed for the purpose of protecting human life and improving worker safety. These systems are crucial in order to prevent the occurrence of serious injury and death on the job. It is very important that these systems are installed according to all applicable code requirements and safety standards.

If you need this type of equipment for a pending or ongoing construction or industrial project, it’s important to obtain the equipment and hardware you need from a reliable and experienced supplier in the industry that sells the proper safety, lifting, and rigging equipment for your applications.

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