Falk Gearbox: Right Angle Reducers

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Industrial Supplier

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Gear reducers or gearboxes perform an essential function in diverse manufacturing applications. Companies have a selection of different models and brands from which to choose. Among the more popular ones is the Falk gearbox. One specific model opted for by industries in Texas is a right angle reducer.

What Is a Right Angle Reducer?

A right angle reducer is a type of gearbox. It decreases the output speed while increasing the torque supplied by a motor. Its purpose is to make sure the motor’s torque reaches the level necessary to drive equipment. While all gearboxes intend to accomplish this, the right angle reducer addresses a mechanical design in which the motor and the shafts of the equipment sit at right angles to each other.

The Falk Right Angle Gearbox

Falk produces several different gearbox configurations. These are concentric shaft, parallel shaft, and right angle reducers or gearboxes. They help to operate machinery successfully in a variety of industries but most notably mining and pulp and paper. The right angle Falk gearbox is considered to be among the world’s finest. In Texas, industries recognize them for their:

 * Ruggedness in design
 * Durability in even the most trying environments
 * Site proven design and construction

Overall, this type of gearbox is designed and engineered with actual applications in mind. It delivers consistent trouble-free service every day of the year. The engineering of the gear drives ensures a minimization of wear-and-tear and a reduction of stress, therefore increasing the overall service life of the gearbox.

The Right Angle Falk Gearbox

Falk is a company known for its production of equipment capable of enduring harsh environments. The right angle Falk gearbox is no exception. Texas industries know it will operate with reliability in even the most stressful and punishing situations. This high-quality product even offers low-maintenance – a bonus for those who simply want to forge ahead with what they have to do in and out of the field.

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