Facts About Using An Online Doctor

There are some misconceptions about using an online doctor that need to be cleared up so that more people can take advantage of this great service. A lot of people find themselves in situations where they need off hour medical care and they do not know where to turn. An online doctor can be the answer that you need to get the health care that you deserve to start feeling better.

The Myths

The myths are abundant when it comes to online doctors and are largely fueled by which service you are using. With the right service you are guaranteed to have a consult with:

  • A certified doctor that has American training
  • Prescription refills and prescriptions to treat your ailment
  • Safe advice

A lot of people believe that an online medical service only offers advice from para professionals or a nursing staff they are not aware that they can be connected to medical doctor in minutes. They are also not aware that the online medical doctor can electronically send prescriptions to the pharmacy that they use so that they can quickly get treatment started. The advice you receive from these online experts is based on medical facts.

Fast Help

Another myth is that you will have to wait to get connected to a medical doctor and may even have to deal with long wait times. The fact is that you can get fast help in less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

The Cost

You would think for a service that is so helpful you would have to pay a small fortune in fees. The truth is that it is a very affordable option, while you cannot yet use health insurance you can save a ton of money over going to the emergency room or an urgent care center.

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