Factors Determining Your Chance At Trucking Jobs In Wisconsin

by | Feb 16, 2018 | transportation

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Are you looking for a job that offers security? In Wisconsin, the key to achieving this goal is in the field of transportation. This is a thriving industry with trucking jobs in Wisconsin readily available for qualified individuals. Many different cities in this state support large and small trucking firms.

Influential Factors

With a chance to drive all across the state and throughout the Midwest, it is important for drivers – novice and seasoned, to understand the factors that help determine whether they obtain their “ideal” or at least preferred trucking job. When looking at qualifications, capabilities and employment opportunities, it is essential to incorporate the following:

 * License: CDL licenses are essential if you want to drive any truck or commercial vehicle. This may seem obvious, but some individuals think they can ignore this fact.

 * Class Driver: In Wisconsin, commercial vehicles fall into classes. Government organizations base this on weight and cargo. Novices generally have a Class A license. More experienced drivers usually possess Class A and B. Fewer drivers hold the qualifications to drive a Class C vehicle. The more different classes of vehicles you can drive, the greater the pool of trucking jobs from which to choose.

 * Age: While you may obtain a driving license at age 18, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) restricts the age at which truckers can do interstate transportation at a minimum of 21.

 * Medical: To obtain a driver’s license, an applicant must pass a vision examination and have a medical certificate.

Further tests and qualifications may apply as early as the initial driving test. Further provisos may be inherent in the job ad.

Wisconsin Trucking Jobs

Transportation remains a top employment sector in Wisconsin. Those individuals, who want to become part of this thriving industry, need to make certain they are qualified. Government restrictions and company specifications – as well as the person’s own skill and experience, act to limit which trucking jobs are available.

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