Fabrication: Understanding The Basic Process

In almost any manufacturing process, you will find OEMs outsourcing some of their processes. In the role of producing components for machines and complete specialty, customized or standardized equipment, the fabrication shop plays a significant role. In Minneapolis, reliable machine and “Fab” shops are constantly in production supplying OEMs with what they need to produce final products for our daily use and/or consumption.

The Process

The process of fabricating begins simply. The Minneapolis OEM or other company supplies a description of the desired item with or without engineering drawings and specifications. Following a winning bid, the Fab shop begins to compile the necessary information and data to begin work on the project. This generally starts with consultations with the company concerning the function, materials, environment and related characteristics of the item or items under contract.

The design phase is a crucial phase of any project development. Collaborating with the OEM is critical to achieving exact renderings with precise measurements and very specific instructions for the fabrication of a prototype. The machinists working with the engineers on the project make sure the programming of the equipment (if CNC) and the proper procedures are in place for production. Only after the details are confirmed will cutting and forming the raw materials into components begin.

The last steps of a full-service Fab shop include inspecting. The components and the final machinery or item must undergo rigid quality tests. Only if the items pass, will they be packaged and shipped off to the OEM

Fabrication Shops

Companies rely on Fab shops to provide them with the tools and machinery to complete their production tasks. Whether it is metal, ceramics or plastics, they have come to rely on their capabilities to produce specialized machines, unique products, and standard equipment. Overall, the scope of today’s manufacturing in such cities as Minneapolis demands the high quality and specialized skills that fabrication shops and their workforce bring to the table.

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