Exploring the Different Types of Flight Nurse Services Available

Flight nurses provide care to people when they are flying, whether to a medical facility or to some other destination. These professionals are skilled in the art of monitoring patients during rescue flights or caring for people with chronic illnesses as they travel. There are many different in-flight nursing services you can invest in.

Medical Escort

Patients who have a serious illness, are immobile, or unable to care for themselves may need a medical escort who can monitor them. This is one of the most common reasons to invest in a certified flight registered nurse. These professionals will check a patient’s vital signs, administer medication and can provide care during the flight. If emergency treatment is needed, the nurse is ready. When the flight arrives, this professional will have detailed information and medical reports to give to the hospital or family.

Travel Consulting Services

Flight nurses can provide important tips and information about how to transport someone who is seriously ill or immobile. They can explain how to best position a patient, medications and more. After all, it is important to keep the patient as safe as possible during transport. Having a custom travel plan eases peace of mind.

Nurse Concierge Service

If a loved one is ill, they may still want to make a college graduation, wedding or reunion. Having a certified flight registered nurse makes it possible for people to travel safely. The in-flight nurse is there to handle medications, monitor the patient and provide care. This takes away a lot of the stress of traveling for someone with medical issues.

In-Flight registered nurses are experienced with everything from using an AED and different medications to oxygen concentrators. They are there to provide care and recommendations on how to make medical transport easier for everyone involved. Investing in a professional medical escort is a chance to keep a loved one safe and manage care. Learn more by contacting Flying Nurses International LLC at

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