Expert Tips For Hydronic Floor Heating Repair

When building a new home, one of the greatest luxuries somebody can have is a radiant heating system installed in the floor. There are many great reasons why these systems are so enjoyable. What happens when the system malfunctions, however? Here are some expert tips on Hydronic Floor Heating Repair.

How To Seal A Leak

Any system which is hydronic in nature is susceptible to leaking. Floor heating systems are no exception. While the copper tubing is incredibly resistant to corrosion, they are not resistant to outside damage from stressors such as warped floorboards or broken stones. A professional company such as will use sensors to detect leaks and drill a small hole through the floor in which to perform the repairs. As soon as the repair is completed, the material of the floor is replaced.

Repairing Cracked Tiles

If a radiant floor system has been installed in an incorrect fashion, it will eventually cause damage to the flooring material. This generally occurs when the material has been placed over pipes which cannot absorb the heat the system generates. As such, the floor will warp or crack. If this happens, the material used in the floor will have to be replaced with material that can properly absorb the heat. The installation should be done by a company other than the one who caused the damage in the first place.

Damaged Mixing Valves

Every floor heating system will include a water tank featuring a thermostatically controlled water valve. If this valve becomes damaged, it may cause the water tank to either not heat the floor to a sufficient temperature or to heat the floor to a temperature which is far too high. In cases such as this, a professional company will need to come in and perform the Hydronic Floor Heating Repair which will include replacing the damaged valve.

Having a built-in floor heating system can be a great luxury. Just be mindful to always keep it in excellent working order so as to avoid more aggressive problems in the future. At the first sign of trouble, call a company experienced with these types of repairs. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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