Even Hospice Care May Be Covered By Medicare In Florida

Everybody deserves to have a comfortable and graceful death. This is why Medicare covers hospice care for the elderly who do not have the economic means to cover it otherwise. When it comes to hospice care of South Florida, there are some restrictions that limit the options available, but it is still possible to have the service covered.

Requirements for qualified hospice care providers

As you might imagine, Medicare has a stringent list of requirements that providers must abide by when covering hospice care of South Florida. Since these companies will be benefiting by receiving money from the program, Medicare wants to make sure that patients are getting what the program is paying for. It can be assumed that there will be fraud if there were no standards set in place.

First of all, a doctor must certify that the patient is terminally ill with only a short period of time to live. A waiver must be signed by the patient or their caretakers deeming that hospice care is indeed what they wish to have. Once the care providers are approved, Medicare will provide funding for most services provided by hospice care of South Florida.

Medicare does indeed cover the full extent of hospice care as long as the healthcare establishment meets their list of regulations. Opting for private options may be slightly better in some instances, but it is surely much more expensive at the same time. Medicare encourages patients to seek alternative forms of approved treatments before spending their final days in a hospice care center.

Senior Living Resolutions is the primary provider of elderly care and hospice in Southern Florida. The company was founded by Chad Anfinson who has over 20 years of experience in this industry. For years, the company has been successfully advising and referring patients to the best local services that fit their economic situations.

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