Estate Planning Attorneys in Topeka, KS Prevent Family Disputes

Creating a will can prevent family disputes from happening at the time of your death and ensure that your final wishes are met. A will is legally referred to a last will and testament. It is created to safeguard your assets and family’s financial well-being.

How You Can Use a Will

When you speak to estate planning attorneys in Topeka, KS, you can use a will for the following:

  • To leave your belongings or property to certain organizations, family members, or friends
  • To designate a guardian to care for your minor children
  • To name a representative to oversee any property that you leave minor children
  • To name an executor to ensure that the terms of the will are performed

State Intestacy Laws

If you die in Kansas without a will, your property is distributed in accordance to intestacy laws. These statutes allocate your property to the closest surviving members in your family. Therefore, the property is first distributed to the spouse and children. If you do not have a spouse or children to whom you can leave your property, your grandchildren or parents will receive it.

According to estate planning attorneys, the list extends to siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. Your spouse’s relatives are also included on the list. If the court cannot find any near or distant relatives for distribution, the state will take the property.

Finalizing the Document

While you do not need the help of estate planning attorneys to create a will, it is better to make an appointment with a legal specialist. An attorney can direct you in the process and offer the needed advice. To finalize the document, you must sign the paper in the presence of two witnesses who must also sign the will.

Notarization is not necessary in Kansas to make a will legal. However, the state permits you to make a will self-proving, which necessitates seeing a notary. Self-proving makes probate easier as the witnesses do not need to be contacted for the court to accept the will.

Where to Obtain Information Online

To learn more about creating a will, visit for further details. By looking online, you can get the information you need to take the steps required to properly create a will.

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