Employing Plumbers For the First Time?

by | Jan 19, 2012 | Plumbing

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Your plumbing system is mechanical, it can break down anytime. Unless you carry out regular maintenance measures. So, if you’ve just moved to Alexandria and are looking for a new plumber, how do you choose who to call?

A trusted local plumber is ideal

It would be wonderful if you could find a professional that someone you know can recommend as a ‘family’ plumber – someone who is tried and tested. Ask around the neighborhood, ask your co-workers and friends if they know anyone they can recommend. Try calling your Chamber of Commerce as well. They will be able to tell you about the quality of plumbing companies in the area.

Check the phone book as well. Ads can give you good insight into the quality of service. If your issue is not an emergency, then it’s a good idea to shortlist at least three companies to interview before you choose.

Your plumber must be educated in his area of expertise

Plumbers are expected to know everything about how home plumbing works. They are necessary for any building work, and are the last ones to make sure that the fixtures, heating and lights are working fine. They should know how to read blueprints, they will know how the ducts and electrical systems in your home are laid. They also need to know about how walls are built and how electrical lines and pipes are laid within them.

Next comes the interview

Have an initial phone interview. That should be the first stage of elimination. Pay attention to your response to the interview. Have a list of questions to ask. Ask about the work timings, emergency calls, licenses etc. Find out if you can have a plumber come over for a free inspection.

How is the phone call handled by the company? Does the representative sound like they are wiling to help? Do they seem knowledgeable? It will be a good idea to let them know that you are screening companies for the job.

During the free-home inspection

Asses if the worker is within your comfort zone. Follow them on their inspection. Ask questions, and see if they explain everything to you. The purpose of screening more than one plumber is to find the one that works best for you.

Remember that price should not be the first priority

Price is important, but until this stage, you want to look for the best service and then consider the price when you narrow down your list. Ask for a clear estimate after the inspection. It’s good to use a company that has a flat rate system for pricing. This means that the professional will look at your plumbing issues and then quote the price from a printed chart.

If you find the best professional for a low price, then that’s great! You will know whom to call the next time you need the services of plumbers. Alexandria VA professionals can do as good a job as any. Find the company that works for you and you won’t have to worry too much even at emergencies.

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Employing Plumbers

Employing Plumbers

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