Eliminate Drain Problems Using Excellent Septic Repair in Haines City FL

There are two ways to handle sewage, and the one that gets used depends on where the home is located. Towns and many suburbs have municipal connections where the home is connected directly to the waste removal system. For property owners, without this option, there is the choice of a septic system. Septic tanks are large containers that collect the waste and slowly filter out any water. Unfortunately, a septic system can fail for several reasons and require Septic Repair in Haines City FL.

For example, a tank can get too full of solid waste and block the inlet or outlet pipes. The outlet or drain-field lines are required for leaching out any liquid. This allows for more sewage input as long as the biological waste inside the system breaks down properly. This function is performed by bacteria and enzymes inside the holding tank that consume any proteins in the waste material. The leftover residue settles on the bottom of the tank and accumulates over time. Unfortunately, this sludge can fill the tank and cause the waste to flow back into the building.

Another reason to consider Septic Repair in Haines City FL is damaged field lines. The field lines or leach lines are a necessary aspect of the septic system because they slowly filter the effluent (waste water) back into the local water table. This system was created as an alternative to the cesspool which had little control over how the liquid entered the soil. Leach fields can be damaged when the pipes get crushed, or a blockage occurs in the pipes. One cause of blockage is from root growth. This often happens when the effluent isn’t draining properly, and there is plenty of liquids to speed up plant growth.

Most septic problems occur because people forget about having the tank cleaned. The typical system should function for two or three years with little trouble, but older tanks may require more frequent cleaning. Luckily, it is often possible to notice a problem by watching how the drains flow. Slow drains are often a strong indication of a full septic system. Please click here to know more about septic tank issues and solutions.

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