Eco Pools In Tampa Are A Much Healthier Alternative To Traditional Pools

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Swimming Pool Repair & Service

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Everyone loves a pool and, in Florida, a pool is a must at any home. Traditional pools offered a chlorination system to clean and disinfect in the pool. Chlorine can cause irritation of the eyes as well as itchy and dry skin conditions. Eco Pools in Tampa offers the same enjoyment and quality of water in a pool without the use of harsh chemicals that can affect humans and destroy the plumbing fixtures of the pool. Swimming in a pool should leave someone’s skin feeling smooth and soft like natural spring water. Often times, the family pet wants to cool off in the pool on a hot summer day, this type of pool permits them to swim without affecting their coat or irritating their skin.

Eco Pools in Tampa can use a variety of different solutions that are affordable to every budget for quality water within the pool. A small amount of chlorine is necessary for sanitation reasons, but reducing the amount of chlorine in a pool is the key to this type of pool. A natural oxidation system will clean and sanitize the entire pool without the use of harsh chemicals. This type of system can keep the calcium and scale from building up in the pipes to and from the pool and the filter system. This will increase the life of the filtering system and improve the operation of the unit.

When a pool needs to be pumped out due to rain or backwash, chlorine from a pool will travel through the yard and can kill the grass as well as any other landscaping elements. The chlorine water will travel to drains or ditches and pollute a river or water supply in the area. A pool that limits the use of chlorine is a much more environmentally-friendly option for pool owners. Many homeowners may never notice the impact pool water can have on an ecosystem in the area until the chemical level has been raised to dangerous levels. It’s possible to enjoy a pool and be environmentally safe with an eco-friendly pool. For more information, please feel free to visit

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