Do You Needing Dementia Care For a Loved One?

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Assisted Living

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Watching a loved one age can be difficult but dealing with dementia can be a tough pill to swallow. You watch as they forget cherished memories and at one point they may not be able to recognize those closest to them. Recently studies show that there are more and more families who are responsible for caring for a loved one with dementia or impairments. With that comes the responsibly of providing them with the best medical care and support possible.

Know the Signs of Dementia

When it comes to a loved one, you may not be aware of the signs of dementia which can happen in stages. Typically some of the strongest signs include limited social skills, tend to forget more often than before, confusion and noticeable impairments that may hinder the ability to function properly.

Cognitive Symptoms

Your loved one may seem disoriented and confused especially as the day wears on. They may forget to do things that at one time was routine. It’s common for those suffering from this affliction to have memory loss, lose the ability to understand language and even speak. It can be difficult for them to recognize common things or items.

Behavioral & Mood Changes

You may notice that your loved one becomes more agitated than before. Their personality may alter with some becoming restless, anxious, angry or sad for no apparent reason. The psychological impact can be detrimental including paranoia or depression.

Muscular & Physical Changes

Often those suffering may have issues with balance and being able to stay on their feet for long periods of time. They may seem unsteady when walking even short distances and may require assistance to prevent falls. It’s imperative that they are kept in a safe environment with no fall hazards and access to rails, walkers or wheel chairs if need be.

Dementia Care Can Help

The positives offered by quality dementia care can make a positive impact on you and your loved one. This will include catered services such as memory care services, medication management and the one on one attention that they require. Professionals can help to determine the underlying cause and help to create the best care plan possible. Understanding the symptoms and diagnosis will enable you to make an informed decision on what’s best for you and your family.

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