Do You Need a DUI Lawyer?

by | Jan 13, 2012 | Law And Politics

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DUI lawyers can be highly efficient for damage control. If you have been caught drinking while you were driving, you will have your license revoked. If you hire a lawyer, there are chances that you can prevent that from happening. DUI charges can affect your future employment prospects. An experienced lawyer may be able to reduce the consequences of the charges on your future.

If you are innocent and are charged on the basis of unfounded proof, you definitely need a lawyer to prove your innocence. But even if you are guilty, and you are repentant of your action, you are well within your rights to hire a lawyer to defend you.

Many people think that if they simply go to court and plead guilty, they will obtain the same result as that which a lawyer can get for them. But a lawyer can actually get your charge reduced or can even get it dismissed altogether. A lawyer experienced in cases that deal with driving under the influence of alcohol will be aware of the details and nuances of the case that you won’t know about. Whether it is the first time that you are being convicted, or whether you are a repeat offender, you can benefit from hiring a lawyer.

An experienced lawyer will look at the facts of your case. He or she will know where to look for details that can get you off the hook. He or she will look for evidence that may bring down your felony charge to a misdemeanor charge. Some of the considerations that may influence the results of your case are:

1.If you are being charged even though your blood alcohol content was barely close to the limit, either above or below.

2.If you were unaware of the reactions that you would have to a prescription drug.

3.If the proof was obtained by illegal means.

4.If you are at a risk to be a re-offender.

5.If you have participated in alcohol education programs.

You may have violated a traffic rule and been pulled up for a breath analysis. You may also have been subjected to a field sobriety test. The results of these tests are some of the evidences that can be used against you. However, there have been cases of officers administering these tests improperly. If the proof of your intoxication is based on improperly executed tests, then it can be challenged by a skilled DUI lawyer. Worcester County MD has many legal advisors you can call to defend you. Look for someone who is experienced in cases such as yours, and the chances of success will be greater.

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DUI Lawyer?

DUI Lawyer?

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