Discover the Best Sewer Repair for the Current Drainage Problem

One of the more aggravating issues when dealing with a blocked drain is finding out that the problem is a damaged sewer pipe. This happens more often than people realize because many sewer connections are not permanent. That is, the pipes are simply placed together. This used to be a common practice because sewer systems are a low flow environment. The only pressures that move the waste are gravity and the force of any other moving waste. This situation has changed in many areas where all sewer line fittings must be properly secured to meet local code requirements, but the issue may not be obvious until a plumber begins a sewer repair task.

One reason that sewer joints should be secure is to stop the growth of roots. Plants seek water for growth and roots can often spread over large distances in the process. If an easy source is found, like a leaking sewer line, then the roots will spread throughout this area. All it takes is a tiny crack in the pipe or joint for them to grow in there as well. As the plant grows, the roots continue to spread and will eventually be large enough to block the outflow of sewage.

The first step in a sewer repair in Atlanta, Georgia is locating an access vent. If this is not an option, the plumber will need to remove the toilet closest to the external sewer pipe. The next step should be to insert a video snake and have a look inside. The video snake uses a flexible cable to move the camera system around the pipe. This allows the plumber to determine what is causing the problem.

If the trouble is a simple clog, then the contractor can use a pipe snake, sometimes known as a rooter, to poke a hole in the problem. If the fault is a crack in the pipe, then it may be possible to remedy the situation using a method known as a trenchless sewer repair. That is, the contractor will be able to insert a sleeve inside the pipe instead of digging up the lawn and installing a replacement.

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