Discover Lower Cremation Costs in Hazleton PA

When it comes to end of life procedures, cremation is less expensive than a traditional burial. Both can be expensive if any type of viewing or service is conducted. Even if cremation is arranged, embalming and body preparation is required for viewing and a service. That, along with arranging the actual service, ordering flowers, and having memorial folders printed will get costly quick. Most attendees expect some sort of reception or “mercy” meal after the service, which adds to the burden and cost.

It also prolongs the public suffering endured by immediate family members. Grief is exhausting, stressful, and personal. Some family members may be comforted by having family and friends gather close during that time, but others are not. A young parent who loses a spouse, for example, has children to support through grief they may not understand, may have financial worries, and is also trying to grieve. Putting on a brave front for others is not helpful.

A direct cremation eliminates hassle, fuss, extra cost, and decision making. It also drastically lowers cremation costs in Hazleton pa. Direct cremation includes no viewing, no service, and no catered affairs. It is cost-effective, quick, and easy to arrange. Everything can be completed online, with cremated remains locally delivered at home. Basic fess and services are included in one flat rate. The medical examiner fees, if any, are extra, as are certified copies of the death certificate. The rate includes standard cremation containers and urns.

Upgrades can be added to the package. The family can purchase a different urn, for example, if remains are to be on display in the home, or buried at a later date. Cremation jewelry, mini urns, and glass memorial orbs are other examples of available options. Prayer cards, thank you cards, and memorial folders can also be added to the total cremation costs in Hazleton pa. Complete price listings for essential professional services, as well as any additions, are available online. Forms can be filled out, and payment securely made online as well for convenience. Those who wish to eliminate all burden from family members can pre-plan their own cremation.

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