Direct Cremation Services in San Diego CA

In a direct cremation, the decedent’s body is cremated shortly after death, with no preceding funeral service. Below is a brief discussion of this compassionate but affordable option for body disposition.

Direct Cremation Features

Because there’s no formal planning or service involved, families can avoid most common costs with a direct cremation.

  • The body is immediately cremated, which means the family can immediately call the crematory rather than a funeral home.

Bodies are usually cremated in simple containers rather than expensive caskets

There is no wake, visitation or viewing beforehand, which eliminates the requirement for embalming and other preparations

The family can hold a memorial service at a time of their choosing

Service Options

If a family is interested in direct Cremation Services in San Diego CA but they want a formal service, it will likely come in the form of a memorial to be held later. Those who want a preceding service will have to plan a traditional cremation rather than the direct option.

Arranging a Direct Cremation

In most instances, the crematory’s staff will handle everything, including completion of the death certificate and transporting the body. Crematories typically charge a percentage of the cost assessed by traditional funeral homes.

The Cost of Direct Cremation

Again, this is the most cost-effective body disposition option, as it omits most of the expenses associated with a funeral. Many funeral homes charge a basic services fee for a direct cremation, and to save money, families should call around to find the lowest fee.

Personal Advocacy

According to the FTC, families have the following rights when planning direct cremation.

  • No casket purchase is required

The crematory or funeral home must provide an alternate container

If the family provides an urn, the remains must be housed in it upon return. When families don’t provide a return, the remains must be returned in an alternate container

Dealing with a loved one’s passing is difficult, and financial constraints can make the strain even worse. Direct cremation provides a cost-effective, compassionate option at an emotional time. With Cremation Services in San Diego CA, families can get the services they need without undue financial strain.

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