Diamonds And The 4 C’s – What You Need To Know

Choosing diamonds doesn’t have to be the enigma it once was. Nowadays, we have simple and clear cut criteria to make selecting the perfect diamond a simple affair. The 4 c’s which are cut, color, clarity, and carat help us to choose a diamond with confidence. Exploring what these criteria are in more detail, will assist us in making the best buying decision when it comes to choosing the perfect diamonds.


The color category is actually a tricky selection when it comes to choosing a diamond. This is because this type of category actually refers to the absence of color. The less color the diamond has, the rarer it is considered.

Choosing a diamond that has absolutely no color unless it’s supposed to be a yellow diamond will ensure that it is the very finest. Don’t get too hung up on this category since you can always consult with a diamond connoisseur and a jeweler at your local jewelry shop to get the right guidance when making your selection.


The cut of a diamond plays a major role in how it shines. When choosing a diamond, pay special attention to its cut when making your purchasing decision. With the right cut, a diamond will be able to unleash its light and truly sparkle and shine. Since this is what buying a diamond is all about, this is a big deciding factor when picking diamonds.


The clarity of a diamond refers to the absence of any blemishes and inclusions. Choosing the diamond that has the best clarity is helped by knowing just what to look for.


When it comes to choosing a diamond, you will want to be aware that the larger the diamond, the bigger its carat weight. As such, a heavier diamond will cost more than a smaller one however in terms of overall value, all of the 4 c’s need to be taken into account when making your selection.

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