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In Nevada, divorce laws begin with residency requirements. All petitioners who want to file for a divorce must live in the state for six weeks. The petitioner must provide evidence of their residency such as a driver’s license, mortgage contract, or rental agreement. A Family Law Firm in Henderson NV can provide further details about filing for a divorce.

What Grounds are Available in Nevada?

Currently, the state recognizes three divorce grounds used in divorce cases. Incompatibility defines an inability to continue the marriage and/or offers a no-fault ground. Next, the spouses must live apart for at least one year and/or have a legal separation. Insanity is the final divorce ground available to petitioners. The plaintiff must show that their spouse has been declared legally insane for at least two years and admitted to a mental facility.

How is Marital Property Divided?

The petitioner must present the defendant with an agreement about marital property. The agreement must show an equal division of all marital assets. The value of each portion of the assets must offer an equal value. The defendant has the right to agree to the offer or contest it.

Is Alimony Available?

Yes, the spouse must file a request with the court if they want to receive alimony. The payments are available if either spouse is facing a financial hardship after the divorce. The length of the marriage defines eligibility for spousal support. The earning capacity of each spouse is analyzed before an award is rendered. The court determines the length of payments and type of support provided.

How is Child Custody Determined?

The state offers joint and sole custody. The parent with primary custody receives child support payments. When possible, the parenting time provides each parent with equal time with the child. Any disagreements about custody are handled through the court.

In Nevada, divorce laws outline requirements for each spouse. The petitioner must identify divorce grounds and provide evidence when necessary. Marital property must be divided equally. Specific factors apply to spousal support and child support assignments. Petitioners who need legal assistance contact a Family Law Firm in Henderson NV by visiting right now.

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