Dental Bridges and How They Work

Missing teeth are more than just an inconvenience and aesthetics nightmare, it can lead to a host of serious dental issues. Missing teeth are painful, make eating and talking difficult, and can cause major self-esteem issues for many people. Dental bridges in Limerick PA are a common procedure that has improved the lives of many and it is only growing in popularity.

Benefits of Bridge Work

The benefits of dental prosthetics like implants and bridges, include:
*Prevents the remaining teeth from shifting or falling out due to decay
*Prevents bacterial decay and infection from forming in empty sockets in the gum line
*Improves bite and speech and alignment issues caused by missing teeth
*Reduces decay of the jaw bone by maintaining pressure and use of the gum and bones
*Provides additional support and helps maintain good oral health and structure
*Allows normal eating and use of the teeth and jaw
*Increases comfort and reduces pain from infections and sores and abscess
*Improves the overall aesthetics and appearance of the smile
*Improves self-confidence, lessens embarrassment, and makes social interactions easier
*Lasts for ten or more years with proper care and maintenance
*Are much more affordable than most of the other dental implants available

Dental Bridges in Thornhill

Many people get Dental Bridges in Limerick PA area or the surrounding area and it can improve the lives of many more with every new procedure done. With new dental advances being made each year and new treatments and prosthetic improvements being unravelled, you are the one who can benefit from great advances in dental care. To see what dental bridges can do for you and how they can help you get your smile and your confidence and your life back, call Robert L. Sansone, DDS today and set up your appointment today!

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