Custom Metal Finishing: How To Select The Right Process

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Industrial Goods and Services

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Today, you will find scores of manufacturers that rely on metal finishing in their industrial processes. From the aerospace industry to telecommunications finishing is required to meet the specifications required within the industry by associations and government alike. In some cases, custom metal finishing is the best method to ensure the exactitude of the specific demands is met.

Why Metal Finishing?

Finishing is an appropriate name given to the process. It is a process that is related to the next to or actual final steps in the overall production system. Finishing is the means through which the component or piece receives the polished look. Finishing removes the burrs, enhances the appearance and function, and can also improve the performance of the product. This, therefore, can increase the value of the item.

Custom metal finishing allows the client to become involved, therefore providing the necessary input required to help the final product increase its overall marketability. These are all reasons why manufacturers choose to have their parts and products finished. There are many different ways of accomplishing this. Custom metal finishing can embrace any of them.

Choosing a Custom Metal Finishing Process

Metal finishing and most certainly custom metal finishing is not a homogenous approach. It does not consist of a single process. This results in the producer having to make a choice on what method will work to the company’s best advantage. Execution methods vary substantially. To help narrow down potential processes, it is important to keep certain irrefutable matters in mind. The following factors will affect your ultimate choice for the finishing process.

 * Hardness of the Metal: The harder the metal, the more intense the finishing techniques harder metals usually require more intense will be finishing techniques required
 * Production Speed: How much time can you afford? Does the custom metal finishing technique you favor deliver the results you want quickly and in sufficient amounts?
 * Cost-Effectiveness: How much can you afford to pay for the process? While some methods may be more expensive than others on the surface, the amount of time, energy, and money saved by mass finishing can result in financial savings in the long run. Be sure to look at cycle rates, energy savings, and even environmentally friendly approaches. They all factor into the equation.

Custom Metal Finishing

Companies today need to keep production costs down. This includes finishing. While it is important to remove the burrs or apply surface finishing processes, it is also necessary to make certain that the cost, the means, and the results are all compatible. When it comes to custom metal finishing, be sure to consider all aspects evenly if you want to obtain the desired and right results.

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