Cultivating Accountability with Personal Fitness Training

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Chiropractic

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Having trouble achieving your fitness goals on your own? You don’t join a gym to “get in shape”; it’s more about not knowing how or what you can do to get in shape. It’s about as much about consistency as it’s about proper guidance. Do you often wonder how individuals, athletes in particular, manage it? It’s quite simple if you think of it: they have a coach helping them out with their personal fitness, training them to accept challenges while exploring their physical and athletic potential.

But of course, they can afford the celebrity trainers. Is that what you lament? Well you can too, knowing that sometimes tank tops and summer dresses are just not enough motivation to make you step up and get interested in your fitness. Here’s why you need to consider making the investment for sake of improving your personal fitness.

Training with New Perspectives

What’s the first of your mantra when you think of working out with a buddy? That there’d be someone there to help you go through the plethora of nutrition and fitness info, that they’d help you come up with this amazing portfolio of what’s accurate, valid, and recent. You’re not the one for fads but you do need to stay updated on the safest of new, effective trends.

But that’s easier said than done unless their sole job is to see you get that bikini body. You need the experience and knowledge of a certified professional to ensure your training bears fruit. Want to know the menu you should stick to when dining out? The expert can even point out and refer to a doctor, nutritionist, massage therapist, etc if they consider something amiss and that a consultation would benefit your overall well-being. That’s holding you accountable to yourself in terms of physical and nutritional health.

Designing a Routine

You may be too lazy to get off the coach but how’s this for accountability: knowing that there’s someone waiting for you with a smile only because you showed up willing to follow their instructions and work out even if you feel stumped or not believing you’d be able to achieve a technique.

You need a program that’s realistic and makes sense to you, don’t you? Personal fitness training is an option because, unlike a gym, you won’t be forced to seek value for money sweating an hour for 5 days every week or because your neighbor claims to doing it easily. That’s stressful and overwhelming, not effective to get you to your fitness goal.

The idea’s to provide you non-judgmental support; every hour that you spend training will focus on you only so you feel comfortable training to improve yourself, something that’s not possible when you trying out of the fitness mags or YouTube videos. The idea’s to provide a routine too that would keep you from injuring yourself. Also, by demonstrating their own accountability like being punctual for the set date and time, and giving their 100% to the form, they inspire you to do the same

Accountability is directly related to success and working in a team with personal trainers or partners sees that you maintain if not aim for a higher standard. Keep track of your health. Contact Living Well Balanced at (212)579-2858. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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