Creating Specific Shapes With Tubing Connectors

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Aluminium

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For the vast majority of applications both aluminum as well as nylon tubing connectors can be used for the design and fabrication of lightweight types of stands, displays, room dividers, partitions and frames and stands.

These same connectors are also commonly used for creating shelving or storage space either for permanent use or for use where quick breakdown and setup may be required. Additionally, some types of tubing connectors are also designed for the manufacturing of aluminum furniture either for indoor or outdoor use.

Aluminum tubing makes a very practical solution for almost all types of frames, and the easy snap on and snap off features of the connectors is perfect for secure, dependable and simple fabrication. Since the connectors are specially designed for different tube diameters, they are literally ready to use right out of the box.

Standard Shapes

Most standard tubing is either one inch or three-quarters of an inch square. It can also have one or more channels or flanges, which is important for different fabrication and design needs.

With the tubing connectors designed to insert into the tubing, these extra design elements do not impact the possibilities for creating a range of different shapes for frames of any type.

The standard shapes of tubing connectors include the 2, 3 and 4 way 90. As the name implies these create ninety-degree angles for the tubing coming into the connector. A 2-way straight acts to connect two tubes in a straight line.

These make a 90-degree corner, a create a mid-point connection with a third connection going either up or down for added support, or create a corner. The 4-way ninety is often used in storage solutions as it allows tubes to create a shelf with tubes going up and down from the connection.

Another important standard shape is the tee flange, which creates a base or a top that can be secured to a floor, ceiling or another type of structural support. A right angle base offers the same for a corner. The mounting T cap or an end cap is also a must to apply to the top of all tubes to give a polished, finished appearance.

Unique Options

More unique designs or options in tubing connectors can include a 6 way, which is often used for multi-shelving units or components. A hexagon center and side top are essential to create shapes that radiate out from a central point, which is often used in developing an umbrella-like frame.

Some companies even offer adjustable 2 way tubing connectors that allow angles that are not the typical right angle. These are important for framing of all types, and provide the right combination of shape options along with durable, dependable connectors for any type of application.

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