Cost Benefit of Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Business

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The initial expense of paper towel dispensers are small, usually around $40 – $50; however, the ongoing costs quickly can exceed this amount. The price of towels are going to vary by size, brand, and quality, yet an average case of twelve packs of 250 paper towels will cost around $30 in the year 2012. A bathroom which gets a medium quantity of usage may expect to utilize at least 1 package of towels per day, for an overall cost of around $75/month, even without factoring the additional expense in of maintenance and trash bags. The truth that individuals usually use at least 2 paper towels to dry their hands blended with the likelihood of waste as individuals pull out additional towels and throw them away significantly can increase the amount of paper towels used. Also, towels have to be bagged then taken out from the bathroom on a routine basis, and any which have landed on the ground have to be cleaned up.

Bathroom Hand Dryers

A bathroom hand dryer will cost significantly more than a towel dispenser to buy and put in; a small business may buy a hand dryer from a variety of sources for around $450 – $500. The price of operation is going to depend upon a dryer’s efficiency in addition to the cost per kWh of electricity within your area. The usual electric hand dryer utilizes around 0.03 kWh of electricity per usage. At a median United States cost of $0.0995 per kilowatt-hour, the price for utilizing a dryer will average out to around $14.58/month, a savings of over $60 a month over utilizing paper towels. It’ll mean the higher price of buying the dryer is repaid in approximately 7 months, making electric hand dryers a more economical option than towels.

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