Contemporary Furniture Design: Living In The Present

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Furniture

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At some time in the past, every style of furniture has been contemporary. Colonial, Arte Nouveau, Bauhaus, and Modern – all were examples of contemporary furniture design in their era. While these styles are now fixed in time, representing certain decades favoring a specific aesthetic, contemporary is a style that always lives in the present. It is not stagnant. It changes with the current times, reflecting the tastes of the present culture, habits, and taste.

Contemporary Design Reflects the Times

Contemporary design always reflects the current era. It may be eclectic, modern and/or Scandinavian. The influences are far reaching. When a designer or homeowner utilizes the contemporary wisely, it can fit in with many past design styles. In truth, it is an integration of current influences which are also products of the past.

Today’s Current Contemporary Furniture Design

Contemporary means current or of this moment. In today’s environment, this often refers to certain qualities that are influencing the design. These include, but are not limited to:

 * The Environmental or Green Movement: People are looking for sustainable furniture. They like to know the material is responsibly sourced and the material biodegradable and/or not harmful to the environment

 * Current Aesthetics: In reaction to the concept of commercialism, many are looking for simplicity. They want furniture that has soft, clean lines

 * Functionality: Furniture is functional not merely decorative

 * Decoration: While functionality or practicality ranks high, contemporary consumers want items that are also pleasing to look at

 * Integration: Since few can afford to redecorate an entire home, they want items that can blend in with the other styles comprising the décor of their home

 * Affordability: Wise consumers always look to purchase something that fits into their budget

Contemporary Furniture Design

For those who like to keep up with the times, contemporary furniture design is the answer. However, today’s contemporary is tomorrow’s vintage. It is ever-changing, fluent and always lives in the present.

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