Computer Support for Overheating Computers

by | Nov 21, 2011 | Computer And Internet

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Misbehaving computers are a major headache, especially when they start to apparently act from their own volition and do things you never asked them to do. For instance, if your computer decides it has had quite enough of browsing the internet, collecting data, storing your photographs, or allowing you to work on your thesis, and just abruptly shuts down for no reason, this causes no small amount of frustration. It might reboot shortly thereafter, or stay shut down, or not start again when you try. When your PC shuts down or reboots for no reason, or begins to show error messages and is louder than usual, it may be because it is too hot inside its casing, and the heat is virtually destroying the hardware. At this point, you may need computer support from qualified professionals in Los Angeles who can help restore full functioning and prevent future overheating.

One of the most obvious and common causes of overheating is the failure of the fan to do its job appropriately. This occurs infamously in laptops, which are notorious for getting too hot for even your lap. But if you are dealing with a desktop, you can check the fan on your power supply to ensure that it is still functioning properly. Take the side casing off and run your computer, careful not to stick screwdrivers or other tools inside it while the power is on, and see if the fan is spinning. If it’s not spinning, you may need to dial your local Los Angeles expert for computer support. If it is spinning, but louder than usual, or making other odd noises, this may also be a sign that it is not working properly and needs to be replaced. The other fan inside the casing is the CPU fan, which you should also investigate to make sure it’s spinning and not making any odd noises. If at any time smoke issues from your power supply (which can happen!), unplug your system and get computer support from a qualified service specialist as soon as you can.

Another option is to use a vacuum to try to clean your computer. Your fans and power can get clogged with dust and pet hair. If it comes to the point where your computer is automatically shutting itself down or rebooting, however, it is likely that one or both of your fans are on their way out and will quit working soon, or have already stopped functioning, so cleaning is only a temporary solution. Getting computer support from a Los Angeles professional can restore your equipment to its optimal performance.


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Computer Support For Overheating

Computer Support For Overheating

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