Comparing Subsea Installation Companies

The growth in the subsea oilfield industry has driven the demand for companies to provide a full range of services for offshore drilling in deep water and ultra-deepwater. Finding the right subsea installation companies from all of the relatively new startups in the industry will make a difference in all aspects of the job.

There are several important factors to weigh and compare when choosing subsea installation companies. As each offshore drilling project offers its own challenges and unique set of requirements, working with recognized, professionals in the industry should always be a top priority.

Experience in Subsea Offshore Solutions

Along with professional expertise, experience in this challenging drilling environment is always a critical factor to consider. The greater the number of successful and safe drilling projects the company has worked on, the more experience they bring to your project.

In-house teams of engineers, technical crews, and industry experts all provide value-added services that can be used to proactively address possible issues and to ensure the level of safety before, during and after the installation is complete.

Quality Control and Standards

With all subsea installation companies, quality control of products and processes is an essential part of comparing possible providers. Voluntarily obtaining and ISO 9001:2015 certification is a clear sign of a company that is committed to quality control and customer service to a level that is accepted internationally.

Companies that have been in the industry for years have a proven track record of safe, dependable and reliable products and installation processes. They can provide a full range of system integration testing and pre-installation testing, ensuring that the custom solutions designed for the application will withstand and exceed the required operating conditions.

Verify the company under consideration for subsea installation has the expertise, experience, and commitment to quality control processes. Cost, while a factor, should not be the first consideration when selecting possible providers.

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