Common Reasons Repairs Are Needed for Air Conditioning in Portland

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Air Conditioning Repair

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While there can be countless reasons why an air conditioner unit is broken down, there are some common reasons why this happens. Being aware of what these problems can help a homeowner understand what a repairman means when discussing the possibilities for resolving the issue. Here are some of the most common reasons individuals have problems with Air Conditioning in Portland.

The Wiring Is Faulty

Wiring that is haphazard or uncertified is a major risk and can even be a fire hazard. Having faulty wiring can keep the unit from functioning properly or working at all, or it can potentially trip the circuit breaker.

The Outside Fan No Longer Works

The fan on the outside of the unit’s job is to convey the heat from the home to the air outside. If the fan on the outside unit is not working properly, the transfer of heat will not take place, and, the unit will end up overheating. If a homeowner continues to use the system with the fan not working it could lead to internal compressor damage.

Refrigerant Is Low

The refrigerant is the chemical that is used to cool the air inside of the unit. If the levels are low, this could mean there is a leak or a big problem with the refrigerant system. If the system must be recharged with refrigerant, this typically means there is a leak somewhere. This calls for professional repairs for Air Conditioning in Portland before the issue becomes worse.

The Unit Outside Does Not Work

If the unit on the outside does not work at all, it usually indicates a contractor problem, a faulty thermostat or a lack of power. These issues can only be fixed with professional repair work.

Frozen Coil

If the system has a frozen coil, this means there is an airflow problem. Whether it is obstructed return air duct work or restrictions that are caused by dirty air filters, repairs should take place as soon as possible.

These are some of the most common reasons homeowners deal with issues when it comes to their air conditioning units. If an individual believes any of these issues could be evident in their unit, it is best to contact a professional company right away. Visit for more information.

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