Common Reasons For Roof Repairs In Silver Spring

In Maryland, property owners consider all probabilities when storm damage is present. Roofing is a common area where damage occurs during strong storms and natural disasters. Inspections help property owners figure out what repairs are necessary after a natural disaster. Contractors provide Roof Repairs Silver Spring and explain common reasons for services.

Shingles are Missing

Missing shingles are a common sign of roofing damage and possible property damage. If property owners find shingles on the ground, it is necessary for them to contact a contractor and schedule an inspection. Missing shingles should be replaced quickly before further damage occurs.

Shingles with Curled Edges

Shingles with curled edges are damaged and must be replaced, too. The shingles aren’t providing adequate protection and leave the sub-roofing vulnerable. Roofing contractors remove the shingles and inspect the underlying conditions. Mold is likely to develop if moisture or wet reaches the lower levels of the roofing. Contractors look for damage inside the attic and walls.

Shingles Don’t Have Granules

The granules on the exterior side of the shingles offer more protection against rainwater, debris, and other elements that cause damage. If the granules are worn, the shingles won’t provide adequate protection for the home. Any shingles that don’t have granules need to be replaced quickly to maintain the integrity of the roofing. A roofing contractor creates an estimate for the new installations and determines if a total replacement is more feasible than repairs.

Obvious Signs of Roofing Leaks

Roofing leaks make the entire property vulnerable to damage and hazardous conditions. Water leaks into the attic, ceiling, and walls if the roof is damaged. Roofing contractors review all vulnerabilities when a leak is found. Any damage discovered during the inspection is included in the insurance claim.

In Maryland, property owners install a new roof when their existing installation is severely damaged. Missing shingles is the most common sign of roofing damage and often causes extensive property damage. Curled edges are another sign that shingles should be replaced. Leaks cause catastrophic damage to residential properties. Homeowners who want to schedule Roof Repairs Silver Spring contact Reliable Roofers Inc right now.

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