Common Myths About Lennox Air Conditioners

As most Floridians know, air conditioning isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity, especially when summer hits. However, it’s an expensive necessity, and certain misconceptions can drive customers’ bills even higher. Below are several common HVAC myths, as well as the truths behind them.

Setting the Thermostat Low Will Cool the Home Faster

This typically isn’t true. While certain new variable-speed air handlers can adjust output to meet demand, most cannot. The majority of homes have units with single-speed fans, which means that warm air is moved at a predetermined speed. The unit will deliver cold air at the same speed, no matter how low the thermostat goes. By setting it too low, homeowners risk wasting money and energy when they forget to turn the thermostat back up.

Leaving the Air on All Day is Efficient

Many believe that it is more efficient to leave Lennox Air Conditioners on all day than it is to turn it off and back on when everyone gets home. Cooling empty home forces the AC compressor to work constantly for hours, which can put unnecessary strain on this important component. Turn the thermostat up on the way out the door in the morning, and turn it back on at the end of the day. Alternatively, a programmable thermostat can make the process easier.

Ceiling Fans Cool Empty Rooms

A fan cannot lower the temperature of a room. Rather, it creates a cooling effect by causing moisture on the skin to evaporate. Leaving the ceiling fan on is a waste of money and energy. However, if someone is in the room, they can run the blades counterclockwise to create downward air motion.

Closing Vents in Empty Rooms Boosts the System’s Efficiency

This works only in homes with multi-zone HVAC systems where each zone can be independently controlled. However, most homes have systems that are designed to distribute conditioned air in a balanced manner. If the register is closed, Lennox Air Conditioners continue working without delivering air. This can cause the condenser or compressor to cycle rapidly, which may lead to premature failure.

While these myths can be costly, they’re easily avoidable. Visit or call today to learn how local HVAC technicians can help families save money while staying cool during another steamy Florida summer. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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