Commercial Waste Disposal – Why Should You Dewater?

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Waste Management

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Does your company produce a considerable amount of liquid waste each day? If so, you could be spending more of your money on liquid waste disposal than you need to. Instead of paying someone to haul off your liquid waste, you can greatly increase efficiency with dewatering equipment. Here are some of the benefits you may receive.

What Does Dewater Mean?

Dewater means to effectively remove the liquids from waste materials. When you do this, you have only solids left to dispose of. The most efficient way to do this is with high-quality dewatering equipment from your waste disposal professionals.

Special roll-off containers are easily and quickly delivered to your place of business. You connect your drains to a polymer mixer and then to the dewatering unit. This separates liquid from solids. The liquid is then drained into the local sewer system. Once the containers are full, your waste disposal service hauls it off and brings you an empty one.

Why Should You Dewater?

Because the process of dewatering removes all liquid from waste, you pay for less waste material disposal. In fact, many companies have far more liquid than solids to dispose of. It is possible to drastically cut your waste disposal costs with this strategy. By lowering your costs, you have more money for other important business ventures. During difficult economic times, the savings can be the difference between operating in the “red” or “black.”

Extra Income

You can earn additional income for your company, and you will not have to make a large investment. You can rent dewatering equipment from your waste disposal professionals and take care of other companies’ liquid waste disposal needs. Many agricultural and industrial solid waste materials can be composted, and there is no need for landfills. You can make even more money selling compost for fertilizing.

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