Commercial Refrigeration Repair In Herndon

Refrigeration repair in Herndon becomes more complex with commercial refrigeration units. Commercial refrigerators can range from small refrigerators to walk-in coolers used for meat storage. Maintenance of these units are not only complex but also quite important to maintain the quality of the food stored. When these units go bad and takes longer to repair, the owner often needs to bear the brunt of spoiled food. You will need a certified technician to repair your commercial refrigerator but few basic repairs and checks can just possibly get your system running again.

Refrigeration Repair In Herndon When The Unit Is Dead

The first and the foremost thing is to check the power coming to the unit. Make sure that the unit has the power supply connected to it. If it uses an external powering unit, check if the powering unit has power. Verify that the wiring is not loose or broken, grounding is correct and that power switch is in ON position. Check with a voltmeter if the unit has a voltage supply. If these basic verifications do not provide enough clues, it is time to call a professional.

Refrigeration Repair In Herndon For Excess Freezing Or Temperature Fluctuations

If you notice excess ice collections outside on the pipes or inside the unit, make sure that the evaporator fan is running. If there is ice accumulation on the evaporator, remove it or melt it. All the coils of the evaporator and the drain should be clean and unclogged.
If the refrigeration unit is not maintaining a consistent temperature, make sure that the operational temperature, sub-heat and sub-cooling are as specified in the operating manual. Adjust the temperature setting if required. If the compressor doesn’t turn off even when the temperature controls are all the way down, it could be a problem with the temperature control system.

Refrigeration Repair In Herndon For Compressor And Fan Issues

If the unit is powered on but is not cooling adequately, the compressor could be the problem. Verify if you can hear the quiet humming of the compressor, if not able to do so, use a voltmeter on the compressor to measure voltage. If the compressor is hot, it indicates that the unit is overloaded. Try to lighten the load and see if it solves the problem. If you hear starter noise interrupted by a loud clunk indicates that it is attempting to start up without any success. At this time, it is recommended to call for professional help.

Fans regulate the temperature by moving the air around. If the fans stop moving, the unit can get hot or stop running. Keep the fans clean and unobstructed for proper operation. Verify that the direction of the fan is as per the operation manual. A regular maintenance cycle is highly recommended for refrigeration repair in Herndon.

Commercial refrigeration repair Herndon is best manages with regular preventive maintenance. You can save the expensive repair cost by talking to our commercial refrigeration repair technicians today. For more information go to website.

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