Commercial Overhead Doors in Athens Ga– Features to Expect

Commercial overhead doors and openers are much different than those used for residential purposes. They need to be much sturdier and able to withstand more use on a daily basis than those that are used in the garage of the average home. The openers as well need the capability to handle multiple uses every day. When looking for the right commercial overhead doors, Athens Ga is one city where there are many companies with the requisite expertise for helping businesses select products that meet all their needs. There are several factors that go into this selection process.

Door Opener Quality

While budget and convenience are important considerations, another crucial issue is the quality of the openers. It can be risky to purchase an opener that is made cheaply. The product that is purchased should be able to provide years of service, free from concerns of constant maintenance or repair.

Safety and Power Issues

Factors regarding the safety of the openers for the commercial overhead doors are additional important concerns. The opener should have a safety mechanism that functions properly to protect workers and objects that may be in the path of the commercial doors. It should push the garage door back up should something get in its way so as to protect workers, equipment and the door itself.

Another issue is power as commercial overhead doors are typically much heavier than those for residential garages and require a higher level of operation. The doors of a commercial operation are opened and closed more often throughout the day than a residential door, so an opener needs to be able to handle this extra workload.

Noise Considerations

Noise is typically not a determining factor when purchasing commercial door openers, but it could be one issue to consider. If a workspace or warehouse is typically very noisy, then an opener that operates quietly may help to bring down the overall noise level. There are some openers for garage doors in a commercial environment that offer noiseless functioning.

Finally, the opener and the garage door itself should be purchased from a reputable company that not only sells these items but can install and service them as well for the lifetime of the product. For more information, contact Select Door Service at (678) 977 – 1866.

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