Commercial Floor Scales and Their Options

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

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Years ago, commercial floor scales were rather simple in operation, and there were not a lot of options to consider. However, modern technology has created some of the most accurate scales you can buy, and there are many things to think about when you select scales today. Here are some of the choices for floor scales you have.

Platform Tops

What kind of top do you need for your floor scales? If your environment is subject to moisture or other types of corrosion, you may want to go with a stainless steel top. However, many businesses can get by with painted steel platform tops. You may also choose a smooth top or one with a tread plate. Here are the benefits of each platform top option:

  • Painted Steel – this is one of the most cost effective options. However, if your materials scratch the surface of the scale, this could eventually cause rust or corrosion. Do you have a chance of liquid spills as your materials are weighed? If so, painted steel may not be the best choice.
  • Stainless Steel – one of the most durable options you can choose for floor scales. However, stainless steel is more expensive than painted steel. Yet, if there is a high chance of corrosion, stainless steel is a good choice, as you will not have to be concerned with additional maintenance.
  • Smooth surface – Smooth platform tops are perfect for materials which are slid onto the weighing surface. They are also excellent for materials subject to marring or scratching.
  • Tread plate – this is also called diamond plate because of the pattern the treads create. Tread plate is an ideal surface when you need something of a non-skid nature. This is especially important if your environment is wet or slippery at times.

Floor Scales and Bumper Guards

Do you need to protect your scales from accidents? Bumper guards may be the perfect solution, as they will protect the scales and your materials.

Pit Frames

Do you require an in-ground installation? You can order pit frames with quality made scales to make the installation smooth and simple.

Overload Capabilities

When you buy commercial floor scales make sure they can handle all the work you throw at them. For example, occasionally you may have a load which exceeds the capacity of the scale. Top quality scales can handle as much as 150 percent overload and still not break or malfunction. You can also choose from a number of other options like eye bolts, foot retainers, and portability kits.

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