Color And Powder Coating

by | Jan 23, 2018 | Coating

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Powder coatings are of growing interest to many manufacturers in American states such as Michigan and Ohio. These types of coating are slowly emerging as a method that seriously addresses issues concerning the environment. Yet a powder coating is more than consideration about environmental concerns. It must also be highly functional. Moreover, in many industries, it is also about customer appeal. To achieve this last desirable quality, the fabricators and producers consider the specific choice of color.

Color Association

The choice of color is important. Companies use basic hues for internal components and parts hidden from consumer view. However, when it comes to those that are visible, the promotional and psychology experts consider what colors are most effective. The choice will vary across industries. For example, automobiles tend to be monochromatic. They are black, white, grey or silver. This used to be true for refrigerators as well. The most common color was white. Today, however, while cars remain mainly the same shades. Kitchen appliances now are more colorful. In Michigan, Florida, Hawaii and other states across America, they come in hues of blue, yellow and green.

Manufacturers, fabricators, and finishers choose the color based on several factors. These usually include:

 * Cost

 * Functionality

 * Tradition

However, selecting the right color is also psychological. Colors imply certain qualities and affect emotional and cognitive faculties. If manufacturers and powder coating facilities want to attract consumers, they need to look at the correlation between color and consumer choice. Consider the following associations:

 * Blue: Cool, calm, intellectual

 * Green: Life, relaxation, peace, health

 * Orange: Happiness, determination

 * Red: Power, passion, danger, high energy

 * White: Light, purity, innocence

 * Yellow: Energy, the Sun, enthusiasm, happiness

Powder Coating

Preparing the ideal powder coating is more than producing something functional. It is also about making an item appealing to the consumer. Color can accomplish this. By understanding the psychology behind color, companies in Michigan can attract consumers from around the globe.

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