Choosing The Right Stuff: Purchasing From Folding Carton Manufacturers

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Packaging

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Folding boxes or cartons are typically made from several layers of mechanical pulp. Adding coating on the top and bottom increases the material’s durability. Folding carton manufacturers sell their products for a variety of industrial and commercial uses. These industries employ them to contain, ship and/or display such items as beverages, confectionery goods, a vast array of food products and even pharmaceuticals.

Choosing the Right Carton

Choosing the right carton or packaging is not always easy. It requires knowledge of the available materials as well as a complete understanding of the overall suitability of the carton for your product. In making your choice, you will have to have informational talks with the manufacturer. In regards to the specific carton boxes or containers, it is very important for you to be clear and concise of what you want. You also need to set the bar high by having specific parameters in mind. These will focus on your exact requirements including the following:

  • Product Protection: Sipping a carton can be hazardous to the contents unless it is designed to withstand the rigors of transport. The style of carton you select must be able to endure the handlings and mishandlings of shipping and stacking. At no time, should the cartons be so fragile or imperfect as to result in damaged goods. Such consequences will affect the bottom line. Be sure the carton manufacturer understands completely the protection required by your specific products and has the cartons that reflect this.
  • Printing Capability: If the contents are to form a component of the advertising for or branding of your product, make sure the company has the right type of printing technology to accomplish this. Be sure to check that the types or style of box you select from the folding carton manufacturers can easily accept and retain the intended printing.
  • Custom Design: Does the company offer custom design options? Will they work with you to achieve the look and message you wish on the carton and/or design the carton into a specific shape?
  • Sustainability: It is very important for everyone in the industry to consider the importance of making packaging sustainable. Does the company have a problem that recognizes the need for conservation, recycling and environmentally friendly packaging? Do they certified fiber, biodegradable materials, recycled content or renewable materials?

These, together with cost-effectiveness, are important criteria to consider when purchasing folding cartons from a manufacturer.

Folding Carton Manufacturers

Packaging is a way of life. Cartons package a product. Folding cartons help to ensure the product arrives undamaged to its outlet. However, when selecting the right folding carton manufacturers for your products, it is essential to consider more than protection. You also need to look at other factors including printing capability and custom design.

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