Choosing the Best School Zone Lights

If your educational facility is still using old or outdated school zone lights, it may be a good time to think about a modern solution to a common problem most schools face today, distracted drivers. So many people have busy lifestyles that multi-tasking has become a common strategy with sometimes catastrophic results. When drivers multi-task on the road, other drivers and pedestrians can get hurt. Here are some things to consider when you select a new pedestrian warning system for your facility.

Being Seen

Visibility is essential when it comes to pedestrian traffic. This is especially important for grade schools because small children can be hard to see when they cross the road.

Most schools have crossing guards and this is an effective strategy. But what about drivers who don’t realize they are in a “slow” zone until it’s too late? An effective warning system with highly visible school zone lights can reach these distracted drivers long before they get to the crosswalk.

The Benefits of RRFB

Naturally, you want a system with flashing warning lights before and after classes begin. However, not all warning lights are the same and some of the most effective systems utilize RRFB lighting for crosswalks.

What is RRFB?

RRFB stands for “rectangular rapid flashing beacon” and these lights are designed in the same manner as police and emergency response vehicle lights. This is why it is so easy to spot police and fire department vehicles from a distance. With RRFB school zone lights, your signs have drivers’ attention right away and this is crucial for providing a safe environment for children.

Solar Power

You can choose either AC or solar powered systems. Solar units can be installed anywhere and you don’t have to run cables or use an electric power source. Your warning systems supplier can help you choose the best products for your needs.

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