Choosing the Best Hand Dryer

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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The process for installing your hand dryer begins with choosing the appropriate dryer for both your needs and budget. Modern hand dryers are significantly faster than those in previous years. In addition, hand dryers are now much more environmentally friendly by saving large amounts of energy and working much quicker with drying hands. Even though paper towels are not environmentally friendly, they are still much quicker to use than older models of hand dryers. This influences some companies to still provide their users with paper towels rather than hand dryers. Hand dryer installation should be performed with an efficient hand dryer that will be quick and cost-effective when compared to using paper towels.

High Speed Hand Dryer

A hand dryer that dries your hand in a few short seconds can be at the top of many lists because people are always looking for convenience. As we all have busy days, moving quickly to get tasks accomplished is important. Getting in and out of the bathroom saves us time, and hand dryer installation is a major part of this. You can get so many more users through a bathroom using a high speed dryer. One downfall of high speed hand dryers is the noise level, as they are louder than slower hand dryers.

Automatic Hand Dryer

Hand dryers that require you to push a button to turn on their air can spread germs easily. They are also becoming a thing of the past. Today, dryers with sensors allow people to never even have to touch the product. There is a controversy around automatic and push-button hand dryers over which one is more reliable. There are less mobile parts on an automatic hand dryer, but this dryer is also sensor motivated, and there can be a chance that it may not work exactly when you need it to.

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