Choosing The Appropriate Living Room Wallpaper

by | May 23, 2017 | Wallpapers

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Wallpapers were once the road less taken, but today they have become so popular that almost every homeowner wants them. Those that have used them for a while will probably know their way around, but those that are new to the world of wallpapers, choosing your maiden wallpaper design is difficult. If you are looking for living room wallcoverings in Honolulu, here are a few things to think about.

The style of the room

Not everyone wants a plain living room. Most people have a final style or theme they want to aim at. If the style is romantic then you should try delicate floral designs with lines and muted colors. For the casual look, try the simple, faux finishes or look for those organic designs that give the room that relaxed feeling. Most people prefer the contemporary look, which requires bold geometrics with metallic and glossy accents. Large scale and bold florals have also been in fashion in the past few months. All these are readily available at the Honolulu wallcoverings boutique, the retail arm of Architectural surfaces Inc.

Using the wallpaper

Even after choosing the general style of the room, think about the actual specifics. Whether it is Thibaut wallcovering or Seabrook wallpaper, choosing living room wallcovering in Honolulu is just the first step. There are several specific options for a stylish room. The first possible option is to have the wallpaper cover all four walls. This is the simple classic design; make sure it does not overwhelm the room though, and that it only adds a trendy twist. Another option favored by many is the one wall feature. Most of the time it is a dynamic, bold color which then highlights one area of the room. Designs with a hint of metallic or gloss are especially favored here. The ceiling is one are most people never really think about, but is one that can be improved using wallpaper.

The area

The worst thing anyone wants is the amount of wallpaper they bought not fitting the living room area. Do not just make mental measurements, have the walls measured, the window areas deducted and go to the vendor with the final figure.

Are you a first timer looking to try wallpaper designs for your living room? Honolulu wallcoverings boutique has just the right options. Visit our website today for more information.

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