Choosing an SEO Consultant to Serve Your Colorado Springs Business

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Website Designer

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Is your website invisible to your potential clients? Does your site even show up on the major search engines of Google, Bing and Yahoo for particular keywords in your industry? If not, you are losing out on potential work. The question is, how do you make this happen – more site visits, more leads and more paying customers? The short answer: hiring an experience SEO consultant. Colorado Springs companies can benefit from the expertise provided by these professional consultants.

Client References
An SEO consultant with considerable experience in the industry should provide a list of references that prove the capabilities of the consultant. From these references or examples of previous work you may determine how well the consultant can handle your website marketing needs.

Range of Services
The proposal provided by your SEO consultant should include a complete review of your website. The review should identify deficiencies and the solution for those deficiencies. Problematic items such as missing and broken links need to be identified. A consultant can provide solutions to fix and improve a site’s internal URL and linking structure as well as add headings and tags. Some consultants will also provide ‘off page’ strategies to improve the SEO rankings of your site.

Above Board Strategies and Tactics
You’ll want a reliable and effective search engine optimization consultant who abides by best practices as defined by Google. There are certain tactics which can get websites into trouble with Google and those should be avoided. These can include spam content, false linking and hidden text and more. You don’t want you consultant practicing below board or deceptive tactics in order to try and get fast results. You website could potentially get banned from search results. Be sure to receive verification of what strategies and tactics will be used by your consultant and make sure that only best practices will be followed.

Ranking Claims
Beware of any consultant making extraordinary claims or guarantees about rankings. A reliable SEO consultant can achieve high rankings for various types of websites (even first page Google rankings) given the right amount of time and application of proper SEO strategies. But avoid outlandish claims of overnight number one ranking positions and the like. Very often, SEO needs to be implemented over a matter of weeks and months to begin to see comprehensive results and success.

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