Choose Progressive Insurance for Your Auto Insurance Needs

Progressive Insurance started small in 1937. In 1957 Progressive found their niche market in auto insurance by insuring high-risk drivers. Today Progressive is one of the largest providers of auto insurance in the United States.

Progressive insurance agents in Decatur, GA. sell policies in three main areas: personal, commercial, and indemnity.

Progressive’s personal lines offer policies for privately owned automobiles. motorcycles, boats, and recreational vehicles. Progressive offers a number of incentives for their policyholders such as safe driving credits. Progressive also offers many discounts such as accident forgiveness, multi-vehicle discount, homeowners discount, and more. Their personal line policies are sold through independent insurance agents and through their direct agents. A direct agent can only sell Progressive’s insurance while an independent agent can sell policies from many different insurance companies.

Progressive’s commercial policies are primarily written for commercial automobiles and trucks owned by businesses. These policies are sold only through Progressive’s independent agents.

The indemnity area provides professional liability insurance to banks, officers, and directors.

Experienced Progressive insurance agents in Decatur, GA. can help you decide which type of insurance best fits your auto needs. When a Progressive agent provides a quote for auto insurance, their quote will include rates from other companies for you to evaluate. Comparing rates from multiple companies from one source is convenient. You don’t have to call around for separate rates.

It is important to know that the premium for the same policy can be different depending on how it is purchased. Rates and underwriting rules are different from an independent Progressive agent and a direct Progressive agent. Regardless of how you purchase your policy, you will still receive the benefits and services Progressive offers to all customers.

When buying insurance make sure to choose a Progressive insurance agent in Decatur, GA. because they can provide you with the personalized service you deserve.

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