Choices When Buying Portable Heaters

There are many different models and options in heaters that can be used for heating small to large spaces on a temporary basis. These commercial portable heaters are easy to move, run on a variety of different types of fuel sources and come in different sizes and design options to suit any size of job.

When thinking of heaters that are easy to move about there are two different options to consider. One is where the heater needs to be used and the second is the demand for heat in the given space.

In general, any commercial or industrial heater that can be moved on a cart, trailer or other type of device is going to be considered portable. This includes the smaller electric systems and specialty heaters that can easily be wheeled about by one person for heating specific rooms or small areas.

Rental or Buy

For a company occasionally needing portable heaters for winter jobs, it may be a wise financial choice to rent. This not only saves the cost of the purchase, but it also frees up storage space for the equipment during the warmer months or when there is no work requiring is equipment.

Additionally, by renting the heaters for a job it is easy to be able to try out different models, designs and manufacturers. This is a much more effective way of giving the different heaters a real-world “test drive” that having to buy a heater and make do with it even if it doesn’t offer the features you need or want.

For the smaller electric heaters, some of which are still capable of producing up and over 100,000 BTU/hr, buying may be the better option. These heaters can be used in a wide range of different applications and even provide supplemental heat to allow materials to dry or to cure properly when temperatures are outside of the ideal range.

The Budget

With any type of portable heaters, your budget will play a factor in the choices you will have. However, cutting corners and buying a cheaply made heater will not save you money and it will often result in a higher overall cost.

Cheap heaters will not provide the quality performance and consistent heat of the heavy-duty models. They will also be more likely to have parts and component failures and a short life cycle, costing your company in downtime, parts and repair services.

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