Chicago Guitar Buyer: The Value of Collectable Grade and Vintage Guitars

Like love and wit, originality is vital. So keep this in mind when asking: how much do originality and condition matter in determining resale value when selling a vintage guitar?

Collectible Grades

Just like originality and condition matter in determining resale value when selling a vintage guitar, another thing to consider when working with a Chicago guitar buyer is whether the instrument is collector grade.

As It Was Made

Many collectors desire a 100% factory original guitar. Customization with pickups, switches, and non-period parts might make the instrument feel or sound better to the musician. Yet, it decreases the value to the collector, especially in the vintage guitar market.

Originality and Value

A played-out, worn, and scratched guitar would be more valuable than a “refinished” one. Beyond the instrument’s parts, originality includes the finish, which is also crucial in defining the value. If a guitar was “refinished,” which means it was painted, that could decrease the value by around 50%.

How Much Do Originality and Condition Matter in Determining Resale Value When Selling a Vintage Guitar

Collector-grade guitars are most suitable for collectors and what a Chicago guitar buyer always seeks to purchase. These possess a higher value and are more of a collectible than an instrument of the same type that’s been modified, refinished, repaired, or altered. However, worn and well-used, all original guitars still have exceptionally high desirability and value, if not quite as much as those in mint condition.

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