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How to Encourage Small Businesses to Offer Retirement Financial Planning

It goes without saying today that having a retirement account is necessary. As a retirement plan administrator or other professional, you know just how many people work well into
Retirement Community

Choosing Retirement Communities in Spokane, WA That Promote an Active Lifestyle

There are many characteristics that make up a great retirement community. It is important to choose one that best fits with the lifestyle of the new resident. Many people
Retirement Community

What is Present with Independent Senior Living Compared to Assisted Living?

A 2014 Census report details the growing number of older people in the United States. “In 2050, the population aged 65 and over is projected to be 83.7 million,
Retirement Community

How Is Respite Care Helpful For Families?

Families are trying to cope with the demands of caring for a senior with Alzheimer’s Disease need assistance. This progressive disease leads seniors to require around the clock care
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