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Interior Building Systems

What Fire Door Testing Can You Complete In-House?

There is always a balance, for any company or non-profit organization, to consider the difference in costs between requiring your maintenance team to carry out safety and health checks
Interior Building Systems

The Pros and Cons of Installing Accordion Doors

Accordion doors look great and are a wonderful asset in many homes and office spaces because they can be rolled out when you need them and hidden away when
Interior Building Systems

How to Maintain Individual Safety When a Fire Breaks Out

When you’ve been inside a building when a fire breaks out, you will have witnessed a mixture of calmness and panic among the individuals. Those that panic have no
Interior Building Systems

How Natural Sunlight and Skylights Boost Your Employees Efficiency

Although we’re often advised not to spend too much time out in the hot sun, as this can cause skin to become burnt, leading to further health issues, there
Interior Building Systems

Accordion Doors for Any Room

Accordion doors serve as cost efficient, multi-purpose alternatives to door and wall construction. These doors can serve as folding doors, dividers, partitions, and even acoustical walls. 1 person likes
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