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Chocolate Covered Fruit From Chicago Makes For A Luscious Treat

Chocolate covered fruit is some of the most unique and popular ways to eat chocolate. Fruit has a flavor and freshness of its own, and when it is covered
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Chocolates Chicago Customers Crave

Being unique is a good thing. It’s easy enough to turn to any candy shop and find the basics. It could be brands that are known. It could be
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Don’t Forget the Candy for Ice Cream

Most people can’t get enough of ice cream shops in Chicago. It can be a great treat for adults and kids alike. While people flood ice cream shops in
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The Candy Warehouse: Something For Everyone

Chicago has long been considered “The Candy Capital” of the United States. From small and dingy factories populated by immigrants, famous chocolate bars and other sweet treats first emerged
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Chocolate Stores, Chocolate Making And Candy Production In Chicago

Chocolate has long been a favorite treat. In Mexico and South America, ancient civilizations turned the cocoa beans into a chocolate drink. However, it was not until the 16th
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