Casual Wedding Cakes Laurel MS Dial Back the Extravagance, and Bring on the Exuberance

Wedding cakes are stereotypically luxurious and massive. They hit all the major beats of what a wedding cake should be. But, that is the cliché option. A wedding cake doesn’t have to be this massive monstrosity that is more symbolic than it is functional. Sometimes, a reasonably sized cake that stresses beauty over scale is the better option.

The Cotton Blues bakery is not the place to get a Lamborghini cake or a (more realistic) cake with four towers. But, a bride and groom can receive a special cake that is custom-made and sized appropriately for a small and intimate gathering of family and friends.

Casual Wedding Cakes Laurel MS can still deliver that powerful punch. The flourishing velvet cake from the bakery is coated in a sensational white icing. The icing is layered to appear like flowers, and the petals are delicately placed in soft strokes along the upper side of the cake. The famous white cake with a velvet interior stands at about two feet.

The cake can even be topped with a flower. The classic white cake style sits with three total layers, but they are not divided and sectioned off with platforms. They are connected, and the cake slowly builds to its crescendo upon the top. Textures are intimately carved into the cake, which could include names or symmetrical brushstrokes. A turn on the classic white style could be to add stripes of chocolate that separate each section. This gives the cake a bold contrast between the white and black. It is a look that remains wholly captivating for a more casual wedding cake.

The bride and groom may want a wedding cake that is intimate and small. A wedding does not have to be extravagant, and more and more people are realizing the soulful vitality of a small wedding alongside a small cake. The multi-stacked wedding cakes are wonderful, but they are not the only way to get great results. Smaller Wedding Cakes in Laurel MS fit a smaller atmosphere. The cake can be delivered right to the reception hall or displayed right in the banquet room of the restaurant.

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