Casual Watches For Everyday Wear

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Business

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Casual watches are in abundance these days.  Many people still wear a watch even though cell phones have taken over for timekeeping.  For those that still love to wear watches, they usually prefer a casual watch.

What are the best casual watches today?

A casual watch is one that is worn for informal or day settings.  They tend to be less expensive than dress watches and can fit in with business attire.

When buying a casual watch look for one that is waterproof or water resistant.  Almost every watch is waterproof. This means that if a watch was to get slightly wet once in a while from rain, washing your hands, or spilled drinks, the watch will not be ruined and continue to work.  Water resistant indicates the watch can be submerged in water up to 100 meters and will continue to work according to the manufacturer’s specifications.  Dive watches are sealed which makes them waterproof.

Comfort is something that needs to be considered when looking for a casual watch.  The best casual watches will fit snug on the wrist.  A watch band that is too loose will get banged up and scratches.  A watch band that is too tight can cut off the circulation to the hand.

The diameter of the case typically should not be more than 46 mm.  Anything larger than that can be too flashy. However, if flashy is what you want, then, by all means, go big.

There are many styles of casual watches. When selecting a watch, think of functions and features.   A basic watch which just displays the current time and date.  Beyond that, there are dive watches, field watches, aviator watches, racing watches, and more.

The best casual watches will be one that is well proportioned, fits snug on the wrist, and reflects your personal style.

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